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A Guide to Understanding Colour Temperature

What exactly is colour temperature and what should you use where?

Colour temperature is the hue of your light. It’s measured in Kelvin (K) and the higher the Kelvin value
of the light source, the closer the light’s color will be to sunlight. Phew, now we’ve got that technical
definition out of the way, what does that actually mean when it comes to choosing lighting?

We’ve been in the lighting industry for over 30 years and know that a colour temperature that is too
warm can produce an unrealistic orange cast to a room, while too cool can create an overall sterile
and unwelcoming feeling.


In the end it’s all down to your personal choice and the vibe you want to create in your home.
Wondering about that funky looking RGB option? Stay tuned!  

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The Best Profiles for Task Lighting

So, you’re wanting to create superb task lighting for your kitchen counter, laundry or desk but
you’re not sure which profile is best for you?

As a general rule the shape of the profile dictates the throw of the light. Our U shaped profiles
(kiiko 1, 2, 3 and 4) shine the light directly down. Whereas the corner profiles (kiiko 5, 6, and 7) direct
the light both down and out on one side, so the light falls across a surface. Kiiko 8 is a little different,
it has a U shaped diffuser allowing light to shine down and out both sides.

What’s the difference between the U shaped profiles?

Kiiko 1 and 2 are best suited for mounting under cabinets where you won’t see the light straight on.
Because they are shallow profiles you might see the LED light diodes if you look directly at the light.
Kiiko 3 and 4 are deeper so they avoid that problem but the profile will either be more visible or need
to be recessed further into your cabinet.

Are great for
under cabinets and shelving such as the pantry or bathroom. It can also be
used in conjunction with a dimmer or lower wattage if you want to create an ambient glow.


What about corner profiles?

Profiles 5, 6 and 7 perfect for mounting under overhead cabinets to throw light across your benchtop
or workspace. Just be careful with your cabinet height, profiles 5 and 6 may shine into your eyes if they
are mounted too high. Profile 7 can mitigate this glare through a smaller diffuser surface that focuses
the light beam onto the work surface.

Fantastic for desks and benchtops where you want a wash of light across the surface
for detailed tasks.

Where would I use Kiiko 8?

Good for an even spread of light when you aren’t mounting the profile into a corner.
This profile can even be semi-recessed to create a ‘light bar’ effect.


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Surface Mounted Vs Recessed Profiles

What’s the difference?

In terms of lighting output – none! It’s all in how you want to mount your kiiko.

Surface Mounted

Our surface mounted profiles will sit on top of your cabinet, wall, ceiling, shelf, stairs (really we could
go on, the possibilities are endless). This means you will see the sides of the profile. Our kiiko 2 is the
narrowest surface mounted profile if you wish to reduce the side depth.


Our recessed profiles sit flush with your surface, meaning you won’t see the profile, only the light itself.
However to achieve this look you will need to cut or allow for a cavity to slide the profile into.


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